Algae Removal From Waterways

Breathing Life Back into Lough Neagh:
Controlling Algae Blooms in Large Bodies of Water

Discover revolutionary technologies developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic that can effectively control algae levels in large water bodies like Lough Neagh. Learn how these innovations can transform an environmental crisis into a success story for Northern Ireland.

The Two Technologies

Explore the primary factor behind excessive algae growth in Lough Neagh – high nutrient content – and the challenges associated with addressing this issue. Uncover the misconceptions surrounding algae control in the UK’s largest water body and the need for innovative solutions.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)

Learn about the benefits of HOCL, a powerful disinfectant with non-toxic properties, and its potential to eradicate algae blooms in Lough Neagh at minimal environmental impact.

Archer Technology

Discover Low Energy Plasma Technology, designed to remove nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from water, offering a safe and environmentally friendly solution to long-term algae control.

The Three-Pronged Approach


Rapid Response Unit

Understand how HOCL can be applied directly onto algae blooms through Rapid Response Units, providing a visible and efficient solution to mitigate environmental damage.


Hypochlorous Acid Curtain

Explore the deployment of HOCL curtains and sprays to prevent algae-contaminated water from entering Lough Neagh, ensuring a cleaner inflow without disrupting recreational or commercial activities.


Nutrient Removal

Learn how Archer Technology can cleanse nutrient-rich water before it reaches the lough, creating a proactive approach to algae control and promoting economic growth in Northern Ireland.

Algae Removal
From Waterways

Discover how implementing these technologies can shift the narrative around Lough Neagh’s environmental crisis, offering hope for a brighter future and positioning Northern Ireland as a leader in algae removal. Contact us to learn more about implementation details, timelines, and costs.

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