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What makes Hennessy-Ward's façade cleaning different?

Our service is tailored for heritage buildings, using the latest eco-friendly and low-impact techniques. We prioritize the preservation of the building's integrity while ensuring impeccable cleanliness.

Are your cleaning methods safe for all types of building materials?

Absolutely. We've developed specialized methods suitable for a variety of materials, ensuring no damage. Our primary focus is on preserving the originality of heritage buildings.

How long does a typical façade cleaning process take?

The duration depends on the building size and complexity. However, our team ensures a timely yet thorough job, typically completing projects within a pre-discussed timeframe.

Are your cleaning solutions environmentally friendly?

Yes, we're committed to eco-conscious practices. Our cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, ensuring both the safety of your building and the planet.

Do I need to get any permissions before cleaning a heritage building?

Depending on local regulations, you might need permissions for certain heritage sites. We can guide you through the process and often liaise with local authorities on our clients' behalf.

How do I maintain my clean Façade?

Regular maintenance is key to preserving heritage buildings. How often this is needed depends on the weather, location, exposure, and building material.

Someone wants to sandblast my building. Should I let them sandblast?

Invasive cleaning methods such as sandblasting or high-pressure washing should be a questionable intervention on historic fabric of any kind and should be considered carefully. Quartzite sand should never be the medium used on historic brick whose frail “fired skin” will be destroyed and thus expose a porous “salmon” center. Never sandblast sand on any stone with intricate carvings or on a terracotta unit whose glazing would be irreversibly removed.

Should I power wash old stone buildings?

This is NOT "dirt"!
Biodeterioration of stone, slate, and all external substrates happens when microorganisms and biomass colonise the surface.
Blasting or power washing is not the answer. This only removes the visible effects and not very well at that.
Façade Cleaning experts Hennessy-Ward apply a natural product to work with nature.
The biodeterioration of stone involves a combination of biological factors, chemical processes, and specific environmental conditions such as biofilm formation and discoloration and organic and inorganic acid erosion.
Our ethos of Above All, Do No Harm is why we have never used power washing or aggressive chemicals.
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